About the Plot :/ (also my twitter and deviantart) =w= by SketchLines
August 22nd, 2016, 6:17 pm
I must say this since a commenter made a valid point.
The plot is taking so long to get to ;-;
I'm sorry that the people who are reading this and checking up on this comic has to sit through the shit storm of this terrible writing. This comic does have a plot, however, never did I expect it to take this long to get to. I should've taken account how long it takes to make a single comic page, but i was naive, and to a degree still am xP
Maybe I should seriously take into consideration doing 2 comic pages until I get into the meat of the story, which is literally right at the end of this chapter and onto the next chapter. Who knows.
Also, for those who are interested: I haz a twitter and a deviant art page =w=


DeviantArt: http://drsketchlines.deviantart.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tosh_macin


My deviantart is where I post other crap and my twitter is where i complain about mundane stuff that happens in my life. I'm also going to start posting notes and tweeting when i'm going live on Twitch, since I stream while doing these comic pages. I probably shouldnt because it's a huge distraction, but it's fun to me and the people, so far, are rad as hell. So if you want to, check it out, or don't. You dont have to.

Anyways, I'm sorry that it's taking so bloody long to get into the meat of the story (it does have a story and an ending) it's just i'm bad at pacing and writing. I hope you forgive me and stick around. Sorry for the shit storm of bad writing once again folks.
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Ian Evans
August 23rd, 2016, 12:27 pm
I think there is something to be said for solidifying the setting of a story before you jump in. It's like a Tolkien thing. We are seeing simon react to his enviornment pre plot which could enhance our understanding of his development later on.