Mondays by SketchLines
June 6th, 2017, 1:06 am
Everyone hates Mondays. To be honest, I always forget what day it is so, like, whatever.

My point is that i'm going to try to update the comic every Monday.

This is my thought process on this: I'm literally busy all day from Monday to a little bit of Friday. Saturday and Sunday is my rest days, and i'm also doing some homework.

Now, throughout the course of the week, i'll be able to storyboard bits and pieces the chapters.

Come Saturday and Sunday, i'll have to do college work and rest, BUT I think i'll still have the time and energy to finish polishing up the page that's supposed to be coming out.

Come Monday and say that I'm almost done polishing up the page. After my morning class it should be more than enough to finish it off, presuming that all that i'll have to do is draw the backgrounds and color in some white spots that I missed.

If I don't update it right away, more than likely somethings up. I'm always updating this comic, even if it's just another goofy cover.

All plans fail, this one might, who knows. I'm gonna try it anyways because fate and prophecies. They can gobble on my nutsack.

The End.